Monday, May 20, 2013

Former Louisville player, Terrence Williams arrested

Louisville fans always act like they are better than any other fan base in the country. They more times than not make fun of Kentucky fans more than any other and their smack talk always seems to center around their thoughts about how Kentucky recruits "thugs" for players.

Well, today UofL fans probably need to take a look at the Seattle Times who is reporting that former Louisville star Terrence Williams was arrested Sunday afternoon for making gun threats during a scheduled child visitation.

Here is what the Seattle Times had to say about the situation...

The victim is a woman who told police she has a 10- year-old son whose father is Williams.

The woman told the police that Williams had a scheduled visitation exchange with the boy on Sunday, and during the exchange in a downtown Kent parking lot, the two began arguing. The woman told police that Williams brandished a firearm and made threats. He then left the area.

Police said the later located Williams and took him into custody without incident. An investigation is on going.

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