Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The McDonald's All American Game or a Kentucky pick-up game?

Tonight at 9:30 on ESPN, you will get your first glimpse of what next years edition of the Kentucky Wildcats will look like when the 2013 McDonald's All American Game tips off.  This year's McDonald's game will have 6, count em, 6 future Wildcats on their rosters, more than any other school has had in one recruiting class in history and the scary part is Cal could potentially land another couple of players before he's done with this class. Now you're beginning to understand why Cat fans are so giddy about the start of next season, especially after the debacle that took place this year.

Here's who Kentucky fans will want to watch tonight, as if they didn't already know...

Dakari Johnson (13 overall)
James Young (#2 shooting guard, #10 overall)
Marcus Lee (#5 power forward, #18 overall)
Aaron Harrison (#1 shooting guard, #4 overall)
Andrew Harrison (#1 point guard, #5 overall)
Julius Randle (#1 Power Forward, #2 overall)

Not to leave anyone out, Kentucky also has Derek Willis, the #25 power forward coming in for next season as well. Derek held offers from Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, Purdue, Oklahoma State and Xavier when he decided to pull the trigger for the Cats in January of 2012 giving them their first commitment of the 2013 class.

When you look at that list, it's impressive to say the least, especially for one class. But, when you look at what John Calipari has done since his arrival in Lexington four years ago, it's staggering.

Since 2009 Calipari has signed 16 McDonald's All Americans beginning with Demarcus Cousins who was among his first couple of commitments when he arrived at Kentucky. That's 16 in four years, to put things in prospective there have only been 13 All Americans sign with the Cats between 1992 and 2007 which covers three different coaching regimes, when you consider the fact that one of those coaches was Rick Pitino, one of the greatest college coaches of all time, it makes what Cal has accomplished look even more impressive. 

Calipari has been on a recruiting tear for four years and shows no sign of slowing down with him already having a commitment from the #1 ranked player in the class of 2014 in Karl Towns. When it comes to recruiting, no one ever has or ever will be able to compete with John Vincent Calipari.

So tune in tonight and watch your 2013/14 Kentucky Wildcats and see what you'll have to look forward to in a mere seven months

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