Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kentucky dominates the Jordan Brand Classic roster

Another All-Star game, another chance for Kentucky fans to catch their entire roster for next season in action. It wasn't too long ago, that when an All-Star game came around, Kentucky fans had no reason to watch other than to further their jealousy of other schools ability to land the best of the best. But, since the arrival of John Calipari, the roles have reversed as other schools are forced to watch as Kentucky takes their pick of the top players in the country and everyone else is left to fight over who's remaining.

This season, Kentucky will have six participants in the Jordan Brand Classic...

1. Aaron Harrison
2. Andrew Harrison
3. Julius Randle 
4. Dakari Johnson
5. Marcus Lee
6. James Young

Then you add in the fact that the Cats are still in the mix to land Andrew Wiggins (Even though I never have and still DON'T think Kentucky is the likely destination for the best player in this class), who is also a participant in the Jordan Brand Classic and you can see why Kentucky fans will be paying very close attention to this years Jordan game.

Interesting side note, Andrew Wiggins will be on the East Team which just so happens to be the team that Andrew and Aaron Harrison and Julius Randle will be on, all of which will suit up for the Cats next season. The head coach for the East Team is Rob Fulford, Andrew Wiggins' high school coach at Huntington Prep in Huntington, WV.

So if you're a Kentucky fan, you may want to tune into ESPN2 tonight at 8pm and check out the guys who will be in Lexington, Ky this fall.

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