Sunday, April 21, 2013

Calipari was "totally sold" when he saw Dominique Hawkins play

Not too many people know a lot about future Cat Dominique Hawkins out of Madison Central. If you're one of these people, let Cal's opinion set your mind at ease...

“I kept hearing about Dominique from Marquis Estill and my good friend Dr. Robert Palmer,” Calipari said. “When I watched him play, lead his team, and play with a will to win and fight, I was totally sold. At the Sweet Sixteen, he made sure he got his teammates involved and was always happy with their success, but when it was time to take over the game – when it was winning time – everyone in the building knew they were going to play through Dominique, which they did, and they won. The last UK player who was named Kentucky Mr. Basketball and won a state title in the same year was Darius Miller. He went to two Final Fours, won a national title and is now playing in the NBA. My hope is Dominique will be on the same path.”

If that doesn't get you excited about Mr. Hawkins being a future Cat, his play will certainly change your mind. But, with the amount of talent coming in next season, I don't see Dominique clocking very many minutes in his freshman season. However, After a season or two under Calipari, Hawkins will no doubt make an impact as an upper class-man with a couple of years experience under his belt. 

Most local kids grow up dreaming of playing for Kentucky and aside from a select few, most never get the chance. Dominique is one of the select few and he will not let his chance go to waste.

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