Friday, March 1, 2013

Huntington Prep in action tomorrow at BCMS

This will be your final notice about any high school games concerning Andrew Wiggins as this will be his last game in the area in a high school uniform. This time next season he will be gearing up for a run at a National Championship at either Kansas, Florida State, Kentucky or North Carolina. You've had multiple chances to see the Nations #1 ranked player, if you didn't taken advantage of any of those, then tomorrow at 2pm at Boyd County Middle School is your last one.
Not only will you be seeing the best high school player in the country, but you'll also be seeing other future Division 1 players that suit up for Huntington Prep as well. Huntington head coach Rob Fulford has some of the best high school players in the country and you can tell just by who they have decided to play for at the collegiate level. Here's a little sample of what coach Fulford has had at his disposal this season....

 Dominic Woodson (signed with Baylor)

Andrew Wiggins (undecided between Kentucky, Kansas, UNC and FSU)

Moses Kingsley (signed with Arkansas)

Xavier Rathan-Mayes (signed with Florida State)

Travon Landry (signed with Tennessee)

Like I said, that was just a small sample of what the Express of Huntington Prep brings to the table every single game as they have some amazing underclassman that are going to be just as talented. So, now that you know what Huntington Prep has to offer when you attend one of their games, I can't see any reason why anyone wouldn't want to go and see the show these kids are capable of putting on.

This group hasn't just been beating teams, they've destroying them and couple of them have been small college JV teams, don't believe me...

December 12 they defeated University of Charleston JV 99-53
January 9 they defeated Alice Lloyd JV 85-41
February 7 they defeated Marietta College JV 111-59

The scary part about those scores are, neither team nor coach would run the score up on anyone, they all respect the game too much for that.  It's just that no matter who coach Fulford puts in the game, they can play at a higher level than who they are going against most of the time. They are truly an entertaining team to watch to say the least. 

So if your looking for a fun way to spend you Saturday afternoon, stop by Boyd County Middle School tomorrow at 2pm if you want to see basketball being played the way it should be...

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