Sunday, March 17, 2013

NCAA Tournament is set, Cats left out as expected

Well it's Selection Sunday, a day most Kentucky fans look forward to more than their own birthday. But this edition very well could be a sad one as by all accounts Kentucky will miss this years tournament, but we'll have to wait and see.

As if the thought of the Cats not getting a bid to the "dance" wasn't bad enough, the show kicked off by revealing Louisville as the #1 overall seed in the tournament. It's hard to swallow, but something that cannot be denied as the Cards have been one of the best teams in the country all season long. The Cards' first couple of games will be played in Rupp Arena, so let's hope the spirit of Rupp can disrupt their road to the Final Four.

Louisville has somewhat of an easy road to the Final Four as Duke, Missouri and Michigan State are the only real threats to the Cards in the Midwest Region. The good thing is, it's now impossible for Louisville and Duke both to make the Final Four.

Kansas was your second overall #1 seed, the good thing about that is Indiana DIDN'T get the second overall #1 seed. The committee didn't do the Jayhawks any favors with their first game as they drew Western Kentucky who promises to be a tough match up for the Jayhawks. I'm pretty sure all Cat fans will be rooting for the Hilltoppers the day the meet Kansas. The 2 seed for Kansas in the South Region will be Georgetown with Florida as their 3 seed, but the most interesting match up for Kansas could be  UNC in the second round as an 8 seed.  This is NOT an easy region for Bill Self.

Indiana got the third overall #1 seed in the east region and their first and second round games will be played in Dayton Ohio. As expected though, the Hoosiers get the easiest road with 4 seed Syracuse and 2 seed Miami being the only true threats to stop the Hoosiers from reaching the Final Four. If Tom Crean doesn't make it out of this region, he has only himself to blame.

The fourth overall #1 seed goes to Gonzaga in the West Region, the first #1 seed in school history. And as expected, the remaining regions were filled without Kentucky being named as a contestant. Let's be honest, Kentucky didn't deserve a bid this year, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Now it's time to look forward to next season, but for now,  get ready for the NIT selection show tonight at 9 on ESPNU.

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