Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jay Bilas watches UK practice

Apparently ESPN's own Jay Bilas stopped by the University of Kentucky to watch the men's basketball team practice, and shoot a segment for ESPN. This is what Jay had to say about that practice on twitter.

Watched Kentucky practice. Those that think @ukcoachcalipari "just rolls the balls out"... No way. One of the very best; he can really coach!

For UK: T. Jones is mature, ready to soar; M. Gilchrist competes his tail off; A. Davis oozes potential. M Teague and D. Lamb are the keys

A fan (@bobby_hoskins) asked Jay Bilas on twitter:

What separates North Carolina and Kentucky?

Jays response?


While it was great to read Bilas' thoughts after observing practice today, I couldn't help but notice one guy he didn't mention... Darius Miller. This leads me to believe that Miller isn't doing anything to separate himself from the freshman much like the last two years. I hope I am wrong about this, because this team is going to need the leadership of the lone senior.

I said it since Darius has arrived on campus, and will continue to say it. He is the most athletic player on this team, he just doesn't use his abilities like he should.

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