Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Tomorrow night is the 2011 NBA Draft, and once again we are looking for some Kentucky flavor in the first few picks. Last season we had 5 players selected in the first round (a first for any team) with three of them being picked in the lottery (Wall, Cousins, and Patterson). Kentucky won't have that many in the draft this season (4) with just two being "underclassman". But out of the three in the draft, two are expected to be picked in the lottery (Kanter, and Knight).

Looking at the latest mock draft, Enes Kanter is slotted at #4 to the Utah Jazz, and Brandon Knight is in at #5 going to Toronto. As for the other two, Liggins is predicted at #59 in the second round to San Antonio, and Josh Harrelson isn't even on the board. There isn't a doubt in my mind that given a chance, both Liggins and Harrelson can make a teams summer league and hopefully work into a contract with someone.

Tomorrow night will be another good advertisement for the Kentucky brand, and no doubt Calipari will have his mug on TV for most of the night which is GREAT for recruiting. So tune in and watch as some of Kentucky's own hope to see their dreams become a reality.

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