Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rondo's love for the game

Last night during a much needed win in game three of the semi-finals against the Miami Heat former Kentucky point guard Rajon Rondo showed what it takes to make it at the next level. During a scramble for a loose ball Rondo and Miami Heat guard DeWayne Wade fell to the floor resulting in the nastiest replay of the NBA play-offs in recent memory. After watching the replay, one would have thought Rondo was done for the remainder of the play-offs. But after going to the locker room and having his elbow popped back into place, he returned to lead the Celtics to a much needed win in a series where they were down 2-0.

The most impressive part of Rondo's performance was the way he just dominated the game with one arm. He caught, passed, and even dunked with a stiff left arm, all while showing tremendous heart and passion for the game that is hard to find in today's players. So hats off to Rajon Rondo for the love he shows for the game.

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