Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The JORTS Flag

                                                             (photo&flag courtesy of Caine)

   Through most parts of the country, you can drive down any road you wish and you will see flags of all types.  You will see the American Flag(by rights everyone should fly one), you'll see POW/MIA flags(again everyone should fly them), even the local high school flag gracing the front of someones house, or lawn.  It's a way that people show their support for whatever the flag stands for.

   Well in Kentucky, there is a different kind of flag being flown along side the usual ones you may see.  That's right it's the JORTS flag!  A friend of mine started flying a pair of JORTS outside his house in honor of Kentucky's Final Four run this past weekend.  I fully expect these things fly off the shelf at your local sporting goods store.  No house is complete without having a pair of JORTS flying gracefully outside.

   Well done Caine, well done

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