Monday, January 12, 2015

Missouri vs. Kentucky Pre-View

Tomorrow night, Kentucky will put it's undefeated record of 15-0 (2-0) on the line when the Tigers of Missouri come to Rupp Arena looking to knock off the Cats.

The last two games the Cats performances has left a lot to be desired. There has been no passion, hustle, heart or confidence in either game all something they showed in every single game until conference play. Cal mentioned something about a another "tweak" he made during the down time through the holidays. Now, I'm not one to question a coach, because God knows they all know WAY more than I do, but I can confidently say, whatever the "tweak" was, un-tweak it because it isn't working.

Before conference play began, Kentucky ran over Kansas, thumped Texas, throttled UNC, embarrassed UCLA and slapped UofL in the mouth on their home floor, now all of a sudden they have forgotten how to play? I'm not buying it. Something has changed and it needs changed back in a hurry. I wanna see this team bury EVERYONE in the SEC just like we know they can and should. It's beyond hilarious that Texas A&M and Ole Miss played Kentucky as close as they did. Yes, I understand we are everyone's "Super Bowl", but no way those two teams should even be able to compete with Kentucky. All of this may come off as arrogant, cocky or over confident, but it's true. Whatever the change was that Calipari has made, he needs to un-change it and un-change it now.

Now that I've got that out of my system, let's take a look at what Missouri brings into Rupp Arena tomorrow night, shall we?

The Tigers of Missouri come into to tomorrow nights game with a record of 7-8 (1-1) and on paper, don't seem like much of a threat to the Cats, but we thought the same thing the last two weeks, so, there's that to think about. Anyway, here a quick look at what Missouri has to offer to get you more prepared for tomorrow nights match-up....

The stats can be a little misleading here as the Tigers have a couple of guys who can get hot from deep, something Kentucky has struggled with the last few game. They will have to tighten up their perimeter defense in this game or it could possibly be a repeat of Ole Miss. The Cats will have to play good defense and rebound the ball on the defensive end of the floor, also something they have struggled to do all season long. 

Now, let's take a look at what kind of size Missouri has on their roster...

As you can see, Missouri has some size at every position much like Kentucky. Now, I believe from top to bottom, Kentucky is the better team here, but again, if the last couple of weeks has taught us anything it is to not underestimate any opponent. That is something this Kentucky team also needs to realize as well. I'm not sure if Kentucky has overlooked the last two foes, but they sure didn't play with much enthusiasm as they had against Kansas, UNC, UCLA or Louisville. They have got to realize that in conference play, every team is a threat much like in the non-conference schedule. The difference is, by the time conference play arrives, every team in the league has enough game tape on you that they know your every weakness and habit during the course of the game. 

In closing, this Kentucky team is a special team. Starting the season 15-0 is something only three other teams in school history has accomplished. Will they go undefeated... Unlikely. That is something that is extremely difficult to do to say the least. Don't worry about an undefeated season. All that is going to do is ruin what is going to be a great season for you. Just set back and relax and enjoy the ride this team takes us on. No matter if the lose one game or five, they are going to accomplish great things, as soon as they find themselves and figure things out. But, once they do, I pity the rest of the SEC and the country. Just sayin...

Kentucky will tip it off tomorrow night against Missouri at 9 pm on ESPN. Also, I would like to congratulate former Huntington Prep head coach, Rob Fulford on his first trip to Rupp Arena in the college ranks. He joined Missouri as an assistant coach this past year and I couldn't be happier for him. He gave me and my site more access than anyone else throughout Andrew Wiggins' senior year at Huntington Prep and it's something that we'll never forget here at Big Blue Corner. So once again, thanks to Rob Fulford for everything you done for me and Big Blue Corner. We wish you nothing but the best...Except for tomorrow night, of course.

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