Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kentucky Finds It's Old Self Against Missouri And Wins 86-37

This is gonna be short and sweet as the day job comes early at 5am.

This is the Kentucky team we are used to seeing since the pre-season. The difference you ask? Cal went back to the platoon system which got everyone involved and injected a lot more energy into the team something that had been missing the last two games. Will the platoon system stay for the remainder of the season? I doubt it as it will be hard to play that style against a really good team, but for now, everything is back to the way it had been up until a couple of weeks ago.

Everyone who played contributed in a major way and seemed to perform much better versus what they had the past two games. It will be interesting going forward to see how long the platoon system stays in tact.

For now though, Kentucky wins by 39 points over Missouri on the back of great defense, another thing we hadn't seen the last couple of weeks. This was pure domination and it was good to see to say the least.

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