Monday, November 10, 2014

If You're a Kentucky Fan, Then You NEED To LIKE This Facebook Page

There's a new Facebook Fan Page that I think our readers will enjoy and should like on Facebook. One of the creators of the page used to be a contributor of this site who wishes to remain unnamed, so you could say that this advertisement is kinda personal.

The duo who created this page will bring you comedic entertainment concerning anything Kentucky Basketball through the art of MEME's and if you're a fan of MEME's (which I am) THIS is the Facebook Page to follow. These guys will keep you rolling.

The name of the Facebook page that is taking social media by storm is called Big Blue MEMEaratia. Click on THIS LINK and LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE and show some fellow BBN members some support. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

You will see some of their work on this site form time to time (probably more times than not as these guys are extremely talented and funny) to go along with our posts.

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